Covid-19 Testing Is Now Available at the Bramalea Location

  • Post published:March 20, 2021

Covid-19 testing is nowadays necessary. Especially when there isn’t a powerful medicine to stand up against it at a large scale. How important is the test and should you take it?   Generally, if you have covid-19 you’ll find out through a test. Actually, it’s simple, and it takes seconds. One way is by gargling salt water and spitting it…

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Virtual Doctor Appointment from Home

  • Post published:March 17, 2021

Virtual doctor appointment is part of modern medical services. It means that you set your medical appointments from the comfort of your home. Be mindful that some medical services are perfect to deal with over the phone or internet. Thus, they include: skin ailments, sinus, urinary and minor skin infections. Colds, sore throat, mental health, sore eyes are part of…

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