Covid-19 Testing Is Now Available at the Bramalea Location

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  • Post published:March 20, 2021

Covid-19 testing is nowadays necessary. Especially when there isn’t a powerful medicine to stand up against it at a large scale.

How important is the test and should you take it?


Generally, if you have covid-19 you’ll find out through a test. Actually, it’s simple, and it takes seconds. One way is by gargling salt water and spitting it into a tube. The other way is by swab collecting a sample from your nose.


Giving the spread of the virus, covid-19 testing is crucial. Purposefully, the information you get about your health and how you handle this, it protects others. If you get infected, you self-isolate and get treatment.


Anyone who has covid-19 symptoms, or with no covid-19 symptoms should get tested. Moreover, persons with potential exposure or workers who go to work daily should get tested.


Everyone who has no symptoms more so should get tested. It’s called asymptomatic testing.


Covid-19 testing: why should you take asymptomatic testing


You get the asymptomatic testing when you don’t feel any symptoms. Despite the lack of symptoms your may be exposed to persons who have covid-19. Or you go out regularly to work and meet other people.


Moreover, when you have no symptoms asymptomatic testing is essential. You should take it regularly. Currently, our clinic offers asymptomatic testing with a convenient time for you. Taking this specific covid-19 testing is one of the ways to live safely and protect those around you.


What happens if you travel?


The significance of travel testing

More and more countries ask for a covid-19 travel testing before you arrive. Nowadays, Canada is one of them. At the customs you’ve got to prove negative covid-19 test results to enter the country.

Before you leave Canada, take a travel testing. Furthermore, if you do have symptoms, don’t take the trip.


After your test, the results will be available in 3-5 days from the testing.

Call us to take the asymptomatic covid-19 testing.