What is the purpose of a walk-in clinic?

The purpose of a walk-in clinic is to improve your medical experience. It’s giving you more flexibility, alternatives, and convenience. But first of all, what is a ‘walk-in clinic’? It’s a medical establishment. Patients are examined when they don’t have access to a family doctor. At Pulse Urgent Care walk-in clinic many patients come with non-life threatening ailments. Furthermore, the walk-in clinic personnel help them also when they need urgent treatment.


Here are some illnesses and injuries treated at our clinic.

– flu, cough, and colds

– minor burns

– eye, ear injuries

– medical work related to casting, stitches, dressings

– minor broken bones, sprains

– throat related tests


The purpose of a walk-in clinic is to provide an improved health care alternative. Our services help people in need of primary medical care. Moreover, our walk-in clinic medical staff also provides urgent care. And the patients get the attention of a medical doctor on site.


Other advantages for visitors of Pulse walk-in clinic relate to the hours of operation. Generally, the time spent for medical examination is critical for our patients. Therefore, they get a walk-in clinic open late for urgent issues. They can also count on minimal waiting times. While the facilities are open, qualified doctors are always ready for consultations. Moreover, our patients get help in filling out some government forms. It’s how our staff feels to complete the purpose of a walk-in clinic.