Whats the difference between Walk in Clinic and Urgent Care

What is the difference between urgent care and a walk-in clinic?

The difference between urgent care and walk-in clinics revolves around a few aspects.

Generally, the patients of a walk-in clinic need less complex treatments. Usually the medical staff is nurses and health care practitioners, not necessary physicians. On the contrary, the urgent health care clinic must have a physician permanently on site.

More details on the difference between urgent care and walk-in clinic:

Walk-in clinics allow for treatment of frequent illnesses: colds, flu, sore throat

Walk-in clinic services may provide vaccines and physical exams

Walk-in clinic have limited space

Walk-in clinics have limited equipment for testing and screening

Patients use urgent care clinic services when the doctor’s office is booked or closed

Urgent care means health care for pressing acute conditions, non-life threatening injuries

Urgent care has extended hours of service

The first patient in is the first examined at urgent care clinic

Urgent care allows booking the same day appointments. Likewise, patients come in with no booked appointments.

Urgent care clinic offers tests and screening with advanced medical equipment

More space is available during consultation at the urgent care facilities

Your medical needs may vary. Therefore, check what is available promptly. Competent medical attention is undeniably paramount for your health. Select the right medical services. And take advantage of the difference between urgent care and walk-in clinic