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Virtual Physician Visit Now at Our Clinic

A virtual physician visit becomes more commonplace. People still get sick and want a sound examination. For different reasons, everyone considers a convenient way to do things. Some people live far from the doctors’ they trust. Technology develops and features powerful ways to complete tasks. Thus, health care connects with technology, And online medical consultations are booming.


At Pulse Urgent Care Bramalea we encourage a virtual physician visit. Despite our two physical locations, our patients sometimes prefer online consultation. They have an online examination from a doctor or registered nurse. The call may conclude with a diagnosis or follow-up. Then, our patients may come for a visit in person.


Especially in the present-day environment, online initial consultation is preferred. For instance, Covid-19 screening or other types of illness that have symptoms. Even without symptoms, and our patient is not feeling well, the online examination is suitable. The patient feels more comfortable. It’s faster to receive the consultation. The health care professional and patient have the conversation. Consequently, the conclusion of the examination comes faster.


More importantly, it provides efficiency for all. The patients don’t have to leave their home. Moreover, doctors and other medical professionals have access to everything to ensure beneficial examinations. Therefore, Pulse Urgent Care clinic encourages patients to attend a virtual physician visit.