Second Dose of Moderna Available Now

Second dose of Moderna Vaccine available

Moderna vaccine is available at the Bramalea Pulse Urgent Care medical clinic. Also for patients 80 years old and over. Second dose is now available If you already took the first shot. You can expect to be eligible for the second dose. Just book your appointment. Check Pulse Urgent Care clinic website for the pop-up. Conveniently, click on the button to book your Covid vaccination.


Furthermore, you have the option to speak to a doctor as well. For example, if you want to know specific issues. Is your first shot Astra Zeneca or Pfizer? And you prefer the Moderna vaccine as the second dose covid-19? A qualified medical professional will explain. On the other hand, you will take the covid-19 shots weeks apart. Adequate immunization also takes place between the two shots. If you don’t know when to take your second dose, we can help. Book your appointment vaccination button leads to our pharmacy site. At the top, you’ll see information about the vaccination timing. Consequently, make your appointment based on it. Or click to ‘speak to a doctor’ for clarification.


Additionally, the medical clinic staff engages all applicable resources. They want to make your second dose covid-19 experience safe. Moreover, the medical staff is also dedicated to minimize your waiting time. The time when you come in to take your second dose of vaccination. We support you with full immunization. You are one button click away from your shot of Moderna vaccine.