Is Telehealth the Present and Future of Healthcare?

Is Telehealth the Present and Future of Healthcare?

Telehealth or telemedicine has developed dramatically over covid-19 pandemic. Looking at Telehealth as the present and future of healthcare, let’s go over a few facts.


Due to social distancing and other restrictions, Telehealth is convenient. It’s also a cost-effective line of treatment.


For instance, video visits have developed in the pandemic. From regular check-ups, regular treatment to emergency treatments. In some cases, the examination does not require a hands-on approach. By using cutting-edge technology, the Telehealth user experience improves. No transportation, waiting rooms.


Using innovative technology, the number of medical visits can rise. As well, remote patient monitoring expands. Many patients need help to take their treatment. Moreover, if something goes wrong, it’s  transmitted in real-time. Medical office receives it in time to give you better treatment. It can share, upon your consent, your data.


With various apps, medical staff use data sharing to improve your diagnosis and treatments. Furthermore, Telehealth counselling is carried out better for some patients, part of the future of Telehealth post COVID–19.


Telemedicine allows for knowledgeable, safe, convenient delivery of healthcare services. Furthermore, in Canada during covid-19, telemedicine has increased 3100% in urban, and over 1300% in rural areas (Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2021). And you just browsed a few valid reasons why Telehealth is the present and future of healthcare.