urgent care prescribe antibiotics

Can a qualified professional in urgent care prescribe antibiotics?

As a patient you’d want to know when specialists in urgent care prescribe antibiotics. It’s not a tricky question, since medical research has advanced tremendously. Decades before, antibiotics were prescribed for any cold and cough. Further on, one has realized this specific treatment is not helping. At urgent care, medical staff treat many non-life threatening conditions with care. Note that some of the ailments are infections. Caused by burns, boils, fractures or injuries. In such cases can someone in urgent care prescribe antibiotics? Certainly, as a priority it is to avoid infections. Afterwards, the usual treatment can proceed.


Urgent care professionals would not know patients’ medical history. Communication with your medical professional is critical. If you’re dealing with a chronic disease, let them know. For instance, in some cases chronic bronchitis doesn’t disappear due to antibiotics intake. Let communication from patient to qualified medical specialist flow. It is for the benefit of all parties. Factually, a significant fraction of ailments don’t require antibiotics. Although some do. As without them you’d not be healed due to urgent care treatment. Note that your urgent care professional is not restricted to prescribing antibiotics. Your communication about your medical history helps the diagnosis. Our specialists care about you and your immune system. Therefore, our specialists in urgent care prescribe antibiotics when necessary.